The foundation is dedicated to excellence in education through the
identification, development, and distribution of resources to benefit and
enrich the students of the Marlboro Township School District.


Since its inception in 2000, the Marlboro Educational Foundation has distributed funding for numerous grants to Marlboro Township teachers, providing them with a stream of unencumbered monies in support of their ideas on how to enrich the curriculum for their students.

Small grants, ranging from $200-$750 for one teacher, or $750-$2,500 for consortia of teachers/administrators, are available. Applications are reviewed by a peer committee. Grants are generally awarded in the fall and, depending on the resources available, sometimes in the spring of each school year.

The Foundation's devoted team of Trustees and volunteers plan events to raise money, but they also serve the vital function of generating community support for the Marlboro public schools. From larger fundraisers like the Restaurant and Wine Tastings, Mah Jong Evening and Family Bingo events to simple efforts like the annual Warm Winter Wishes campaign --where families can donate any amount to honor district teachers, staff and administration with a unique certificate of appreciation-- the Foundation has inspired local vendors, corporations and individual donors to celebrate Marlboro's excellence in education.

2017 Grants Awarded

A gift of $25,344.61 from the Marlboro Educational Foundation helped to bring innovative programs to pupils in the Marlboro K-8 School District.

The foundation operates separate from the school district. Each year teachers have the opportunity to apply for grants to bring programs into their classrooms.

The $25,344.61 donation represents 26 grants the foundation approved. The grants will fund programs that focus on Science, Technology, Art, Social Studies, History, Music, Math and even everyday skills. Every school in the district benefits from at least one grant!

The Foundation has contributed over $500,000 in grant monies over our history since 2000!

To view the full list of grants, please click here.


Unique Game Show

"This was the best experience I had this year!". The 8th grade does not attend a field trip during the school year, so the teachers wanted to bring a fun, educational experience to them. The Unique Game Show is an interactive event that promotes team unity, friendly competition and student bonding. Most important, the show is cross-curricular and content related. As stressed by Benjamin Franklin, learning is most successful when students get involved and that is exactly what the Unique Game Show does! We look forward to hearing how our students at both Middle Schools enjoy this grant.


Traveling Art Show

With our world becoming increasingly digital, it can be difficult to bring art to life for our students. This traveling art exhibit brings the art of three well known Spanish artists to Marlboro Middle School to allow students to not only learn about the artists but see reproductions of their work up close.